We run development programs
that grow exceptional talent.


  • We have discovered two things in our work with start-ups and fast growing organizations. 

    One is that the core skills talent need to thrive in roles are a mix of work configuration and formal L&D programs tailored to the organization’s strategic and operational context.

  • Secondly, from the organization’s perspective we have found the most important goals to be:

    - Growing revenue and non-revenue bases.
    - Getting organization-wide alignment around a common purpose and direction.
    - Possessing a strong managerial bench and pipeline. 
    - Growing a culture of innovation to ensure the development of new products and business lines for the future. 

    In response, we focus on delivering customized learning programs in these four areas for both the individual and organization.

How we can help

  • Management

    Vital competencies for managerial excellence drawn from traditional and contemporary schools of management.


    Skills for increasing revenue and non-revenue metrics, and maintaining long-term priority stakeholder relationships.


    Planning and team-building practices required to inspire team effort towards extra-ordinary results.


    Design thinking tools for building new Products and ventures, as well as skills for driving a culture of innovation within the organization.


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