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The potential scale and speed at which innovative business models can transform industry landscapes today is unprecedented. For entrepreneurs, business leaders and consultants, it is high time to understand the possible impact of extraordinary innovation in creating value for customers and for businesses. The bigger picture is that replacing outdated models, products and processes ultimately, creates value, for companies, customers, and the society.

How can organizations strictly from their customers’ perspective systematically invent, design, and implement powerful new business models?

How do they develop and instill a culture of innovation within their organizations?

How can they turn visionary ideas into game-changing business models that challenge the establishment—or rejuvenate it  if they are the incumbents?

How can they question, challenge, and transform old, outmoded processes and techniques?

Our Services in Innovation Consulting, Capacity Development and Implementation Programs help to provide working answers.

Our Process

We don’t believe in recycling standard methodologies – and don’t only innovate client  processes, but also our own. So whether it is a half-day workshop or multi-year strategic innovation plan,  solutions are designed and deployed with a deep understanding of your needs and that helps every client project we run have real business impact.

1. Definition

4. Solution Deployment

2. Client Immersion


5. Measurement

3. Ideation & Design


6. Improvement

Now let’s introduce you to some really cool stuff!

The Nine-Horsemen

To facilitate the innovation process for clients, our team deploys tools we fondly call the Nine-Horsemen:


Innovation Capacity Workshop 

For an impromptu shift in mindset 

A session where employees are invited to create new ideas or business concepts outside of the normal work process, the benefits of this workshop are the opportunity to make good use of internal knowledge and assets in addition to being a great way to spark and internal innovation culture.

The enhancement of the organization’s innovation capacity is a transformation into one that becomes more user-centered with deeply entrenched innovative cultures.


Design Sprint 

For a time-pressured journey towards product/service validation 

A five step program anchored in design thinking and aiming to reduce the risk of the organization bringing a new product/service to market.

During the design sprint, an interdisciplinary team drawn from the core business departments in the organization goes through a five-step process of ideation, building, prototyping, and learning from user testing to iterative improvement.

The time-constrained interaction with the outside world focusing on product desirability and viability helps to promote swift development and real time external validation.


Innovation Challenge

For a collaboration with outside experts in developing solutions 

External experts/specialists are invited to participate in open sessions geared towards solving internal organization problems or external social challenges.

Bringing in external knowledge helps to dismantle complexity experienced in tackling internal issues and invites a fresh perspective towards empathizing with need of the general public that the organization seeks deliver its value propositions to.


Crack Team 

For the human capital side of transforming the organization into a center for innovation excellence 

At the heart of executing any strategic agenda the organization has for creating a more successful future are its people at all organization levels.

Contemporary human resource thinking is developed and deployed to support the organization’s internal human resources and capabilities in all steps from staffing, organizational/strategic design, performance management and change management.


In-House Accelerator

For growing validated products/services into full time projects 

We help organizations set-up a fixed term, batch-based corporate accelerator for internal innovation programs where intrapreneurs selected from within the organization develop, test and grow new business ideas generated from a design sprint or any other credible idea generated within the organization.


Non- Resident Startup Incubator

For an opportunity to collaborate with external promoters of radical innovations 

The organization often can’t see future opportunities in its industry that aren’t currently connected to its core businesses.

Our services in setting up an external incubator puts the organization in a position to support, grow and evaluate these external ideas for a fixed timeframe before committing bigger investments into these radical innovations.


Designated Organizational Unit

For a more focused internal innovation effort 

For an existing organization to develop an effective innovation culture, there is a need to design a formal group/unit/division in the organization that coordinates innovation initiatives, to ensure that innovation is structurally embedded in the organization.

Our consulting practice supports the organization in designing and staffing a unit for clear long-term innovation planning, assists in the resources need assessment and ensure the desired impact of such a unit is felt in the long run.


Emerging Product and Business Areas 

For identifying and developing future cash cows within the organization’s portfolio 

New business initiatives bear a lot of uncertainty and the success of such ventures often depend greatly on the quality of the business’ design.

Because of the transformational & business growth potential of some these initiatives, our emerging product and business area service offers support in developing business models that clearly articulate creation, delivery and capture of value.

Our framework also provides a testing environment for the new initiatives to grow and prove their profitability before total integration into the rest of the organization.


External Startup/Investment Fund 

For investments into external capabilities aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives 

With this service, we are able to help organization’s scout for external assets that can be brought into the organization’s portfolio due to their proven business potential.

We manage every step from the exploration of these radical/adjacent businesses all the way to any mergers and acquisition activities if required.

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