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We are a business design, innovation and people firm

Who we are

It is said that chance favors the connected mind. At our and in client offices, we relentlessly pursue interaction with entrepreneurial spirits that constantly obsess over how to create value or discover innovative ways of doing business to replace old, outdated approaches.

Positioned at the intersection of design thinking for business, technology adoption and human resource best practice, our value propositions make organizations:


Evolve into their best selves


Implement improved business models


Develop capacity for innovation


Collaborate on and explore the future


Grow into new markets and create sustainable new revenue streams

Disruptive innovations over time:

  • Diners Club introduced the credit card in 1950; they were practicing business model innovation.

  • Xerox, when it introduced photo-copier leasing and the per-copy payment system in 1959.

  • We trace business model innovation all the way back to the fifteenth century, when Johannes Gutenberg sought applications for the mechanical printing device he had invented.

  • Guinness introduced Orijin in 2014

  • With its iPod digital media player and iTunes.com online store, Apple created an innovative new business model that transformed the company into the dominant force in online music.

  • Amazon – 1994

  • Paga – 2009

  • Skype brought us dirt-cheap global calling rates and free Skype-to-Skype calls with an innovative business model built on so-called peer-to-peer technology.

  • Zipcar frees city dwellers from automobile ownership by offering hourly or daily on-demand
car rentals under a fee-based membership system. Or maybe Airbnb/Uber

  • Grameen Bank is helping alleviate poverty through an innovative business model that popularized micro lending to the poor.

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